Deep Crater

– – Name A Tavern in Deepcrater Merchant King of Deepcrater. Merchant King is a network of taverns that operates in several regions. In Deepcrater it is staffed by dwarves who make use of the magical banking network of temples and shrines of Vergadain. The food and rooms are good but not great, and guests can expect roughly the same quality and rates at each establishment, which travelers and merchant caravaners appreciate. The construction is half-timber, and a banner outside the front door features a laughing image of Vergadain in yellow, on a red background. The main attraction is that guests can pay using their Vegadain accounts, which draw upon treasure deposited at any branch of the main temple in Red Roost. They can also make small deposits or withdrawals from their accounts at any Merchant King tavern (with a limit of 100gp per day; larger amounts need to be handled at a temple or shrine of the dwarven god).

– – The Sickstone Golem: This tavern’s sign features a green-colored golem’s head. It is built of heavy cut boulders, each of a different variety of rock. The name refers to an event several centuries in the past, when the wizard Brian Taylor gathered an obscene amount of sickstone (some say from the great crater’s bowl, but others claim he obtained it through transmutation) and built a self-locomotive creature of incredible power and poisonous presence. The tavern’s meals and accommodations are not extraordinary, but a collection of rare and unique mineral substances in magically warded display cases line the walls of the Great Room.

– – Name the third tavern in Deepcrater: Shepherd’s Rest, an inn and tavern devoted to clean beds, fresh sheets, and hot meals; a welcome reprieve from the day’s toils or weeks on the road.
Gwaeron Windstorm
Thard Harr
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