– – Fort Wallik

– – Tankard and Pony

– – The Red Root Pub, a tavern located underground made from one of the first mine shafts of Deepiron, it was said that the iron veins found in this location were as thick as oak roots, and were the reason why many dwarves and gnomes had settled here in the first place.

– – Midigar’s Munchers, a lunch box tavern which mostly caters to the mid and late meal crowd, Midigar’s Munchers is a favorite go-to place for a quick lunch meal or dinner for those tired and disinterested in cooking when getting home.

– – Nightwish: A night club dedicated to the Nightsinger, with performers chosen from among the most talented celebrants of the Mistress of the Night. Little dimly lit tables and private booths fill the main floor, oriented toward an orchestral pit and a large clamshell stage. Entertainers use music, dance, and illusion to mystify and entrance the patrons, who arrive dressed to the nines in their best evening wear.

– – Svibold’s, a quiet speak-easy tavern with an invite-only policy, Svibold’s caters to many of the city’s more influential citizens, and also those with the talent and skills to gain the attention of the powerful.
The Enchanted Gadget
Owner: TBD
Location: In a major crossroads. The street outside is a covered walkway with many twinkling lights. Description: The Blacksmith is a large brick building, with a slate roof and well-made wooden racks and display shelves. An oversized cat lazily eyes customers. The shop contains a set of brass scales and a map of constellations on the floor. The owner raises small birds, which he regularly feeds to his pet cat. Specials: artisan tools for every imaginable craft and profession. Masterwork skill tools for every imaginable skill.

Blacksmith: The Tassellated Gnome Owner: TBA Location: In a well-lit avenue with a guard station. The street outside is recently paved with dark brick. Description: The blacksmith shop is a stone tower, with a red tile roof and a prominent chimney. The showroom contains a large empty dueling cage and fine dueling weaponry hanging from racks on the walls. In the rear is the actual blacksmith, where items are created and enchanted. Specials: tassellated armor, 9898 gp; rapiers come with the basket hilt enhancement for free; masterwork light weapons are only 275 gp above the base price; any mithral armor, 10% off.
Greta’s Magical Emporium
Location: On Sergeant's Rise, in an adventurers quarter of exotic shops and bold explorers. The street outside is filled with billowing alchemical smoke from a brewery. Description: The shop is a two-storey building of polished marble, with carved wooden doors and tall elf-wrought wooden shelves. The air is filled with floating motes of light. The Emporium carries many charms, notions, gadgets, and curiosities. It caters to the merchant-artisan class and lower nobility, focusing on low-cost items and carrying relatively few offerings of great value. Specials: Single-use items, charged items providing 1 use per day, and used wands with relatively few charges.

I Abjure Thee
Owner: TBA
Location: On the main avenue in the arcane quarter. The street outside is shaded by ancient yew trees. Description: The enchanter is a long narrow building sandwiched between two other businesses, with a terracotta tile roof and flowerboxes in the windows (one window per narrow storey). The entry contains a foyer and a brass door to a “lift,” a clockwork vertical transportation device. Beyond lies the main shop; the upper floors are mostly workrooms, storage, and living space for the proprietor and his large extended family, who all participate in the business. Specials: Clockwork and gnome artificer devices, 10% discount; Abjuration enchantments, 10% discount; repairs on items bought at this shop, 50% discount.
The Emerald Ambassador Owner: TBD Location: In a well-lit avenue with guard towers. The street outside rarely quiet or empty. Description: The tailor is a plaster and wood building that was once a minor guildhall for the city’s dyers. The flamboyant architecture and paint schemes reflects its Its colorful past. An orange- and blue-shingled roof has peaked gables. Flowering vines cover several of the walls. The front door is red and yellow. There are mannequins in the main showroom dressed in moderately expensive clothing; the more opulent costumes are in an exclusive room in the rear. Specials: all clothing comes with a free arcane mark that can be used for tracking lost or stolen items.

Tailor Shop: The Brass Rail Owner: TBA Location: In a major crossroads. The street outside has a crowd watching performers. The tailor is a timber framed rowhouse with a stone ground storey. It has a white tile roof and a koi pond in back. The showroom has displays of fine clothing, and many racks of options in the latest fashions. An entire line of clothing is devoted to fashions catering to students at the Hightower of Halrak. Several display cases of jewelry at the brass-edged counter round out the showroom. There are two modest sized changing rooms for trying on outfits, and a small stage with a semicircular mirror backdrop for examining one’s selection. The lead designer holds a fashion event twice a year at a local venue, and usually hosts an intimate afterparty at the tailor shop. In the rear behind the shop there is a koi pond. Specials: Hidden magical auras: 10% off; exaggerated magical auras: +5%; clothing enchanted with a 1st level spell, one charge per day: +360 gp; clothing enchanted, with a 2nd level spell, one charge per day: +2880 gp; clothing enchanted with a once-a week 1st level spell: +36 gp; add another once-a-week 1st level spell for only 54 gp; masterwork dueling cloak, 290 gp, masterwork gnome battle cloak, 280 gp.
Alston's Remotest Travels Location: In a market district. The street outside is crowded with shoppers. Description: The rares store is an ornate stone building sandwiched between other vendors. It has timber framed upper storeys that overhang the street. A brown tile roof looks newly replaced, contrasting with the aged patina on the moss- and lichen-accented walls. The main room is decorated with a large persian rug on the floor, and decomissioned carriages and wagons from the proprietor’s many travels serve as shelving for goods. Specials: Gnome-make items, including gnome artificer gadgets; alchemical ingredients; unusual specialty crafting materials.

The Missing Link Owner: TBA Location: Near the Hightower of Halrak on a side alley between a flower shop and a laundry service. The alley is watched over by a pair of gargoyles on the mortuary across the way. Description: The rare items store is a wide stone building with climbing vines and softly glowing alchemical sconces. The architecture is vaguely saurial. It contains a large stone countertop edged in saurial runes, and a small altar to Ubtao in the back. The wares are mostly divided by geographical region of origin, but some are divided by historical era or even plane of existence. The feel is of an archaeological storeroom, with carefully penned labels and an academic attention to detail. Specials: Any item related to saurials or Ubtao is 25% off.
General Store: Shax’s Empty Bag Owner: TBA Location: On a side street near the Hightower of Halrak, between two student dormitories. Description: The general store is a brick and stone rowhouse, with a red tile roof and softly blowing chimes by the door. Specials: Food 10% discount when bought in multiples of 10 or more; storage containers and furniture 15% off; each of the packages in Shax’s Indispensible Haversack (Types I-IV) are sold at market price.
The Sonorossa Music School and Conservatory Location: In the main street near the Hightower of Halrak. The street outside is lined with alchemical lamps. Description: The buildings is a sprawling redstone-walled building with towers, halls, and a large glass-domed circular building called “the Orb.” The architecture is ancient and bears the marks of a turbulent history. The dormitories are comfortable but sparsely furnished. There is a museum of musical instruments whose staff also specializes in repairs for enchanted pieces. The student shop usually does not sell enchanted instruments, but offers sturdy serviceable options for fair price. Students wishing to own masterwork instruments must make their own commissions, though the professors have a reliable list of quality crafters. Although located near the Hightower, it and Sonorossa are not formally affiliated.

Order of Heroism Location: In a civic quarter, adjacent to a large performance hall. The street outside is lit with alchemical lamps. Description: A red brick building with a tall bell tower and several carriage bays for the Order’s quick response carriages. The Order of Heroism was originally founded as a fire brigade, but rapidly expanded to include emergency medical services. The Order’s mission also eventually encompassed alchemical and magical response teams to clean up more powerful accidents and mishaps. In its early history, services were provided only by subscription, and the Order was known to let buildings burn or suffer from other emergencies unaided when the owner or occupants were not members of the subscription pool. The city of Deep Iron decided to adopt the order and subsidize its services, which also resulted in the creation of satellite stations in each quarter of the city; this greatly improved response times for the rescue carriages.
Calvin Thorridge, Male Halfling Bard-Wizard. Description: Callie dresses in yellow turtlenecks beneath a grey coat with tan slacks. He wears his silver hair down. He has gleaming, smiling amber eyes. Personality: This halfling loves painting and to teach the visual arts more than just about anything. He is used to getting what he wants. In part because he is a meticulous planner. History: As child with a great deal of artistic talent, Callie’s parents made sure he got the chance to thrive. He spent years studying under some of the best tutors money could buy, who taught him everything they knew, including their arrogance and contempt for life. Motivation: Callie is compelled to act according to his vision for a more perfect world where beauty is held as the greatest good. Occupation: Callie is employed by the nobles and upper merchant and crafter classes to paint murals and enchanted tableau on the walls of their manors and palaces. His signature touch is the use of Nolzur’s Marvelous Pigments to create moving elements in his paintings, such as birds that fly through scenes and trees that sway with the breeze.
The Gauntlet of Gond
Gold Hollow is one of the villages near, and under the rule of, Deepiron.

Gold Lining - This general store is built in an A-frame design with a rustic, backwoods feel. The atmosphere is friendly and the interior is all-natural wood. Outside, the proprietor’s dog Nuts can usually be found gnawing on a bone. The general store is the only of its type in a wide radius, this far out of the way in the wilds of Deep Iron. Specials: 10% discount on crafting tools, 5% discount on any type of survival or camping gear, 2-for-1 special on arrows, healing potions with an extra +1 hp potency for only 5 gp extra. (Location: Gold Hollow, in Deep Iron)

Enchanter: Fortune's Folly Owner: TBA Location: Gold Hollow (Deep Iron region), in the main street near Gold Hollow Rest. The street outside is shaded by mature hardwood trees. Description: The enchanter is a brick-and-stone sprawling single storey building, with a slate shingled roof and a row of flowers around the building. The entry contains a large grandfather clock and a horned skull with a crystal embedded in one eye. The shelves behind the brass-accented counter are filled with books and arcane accoutrements. Specials: Hat of Disguise (1,305 gp); Periapt of Wound Closure (9,433 gp); Periapt of Health (4,968 gp); 15% off Abjuration-enchanted items

Blacksmith: Oriel's Pommel Owner: TBA Location: Gold Hollow (Deep Iron region) at the town crossroads. The street outside has a beggar harassing passers-by. Description: The blacksmith is a brick and mortar orb-like building, with a slate shingled roof and a garden in the rear. The shop contains a large wooden countertop and various tools and woodcutting implements hanging on the walls. Specials: Bark Scale Armor (30 gp); Camouflage Dyed Armor (+250 gp over the base cost); 10% discount on Elven Darkleaf Armors
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