Unique industry in Deepstone: rustic folk art from the deep Alpine forests south and southwest of the region, where woodcutters and woodcarvers are famous for their stylized depictions of woodland creatures and woodland scenes. Clocks and finely carved furniture are particularly well-crafted, and often exported to collectors from other regions. The stone crafters in Deepstone itself look down on the rural woodworkers as practicing a less prestigious craft than their own. Consequently, the woodworkers make far less from their labors when selling their pieces locally.

Unique local business: High Step in Deepstone. The business pays independent cobblers in the region for their work, usually created in home workshops. They specialize in the rustic folk style of leather shoes traditionally worn in the rural Alpine forests south of Deepstone, which have gained popularity in some markets outside the region. Within the city of Deepstone, the fashion has a reputation for being backward and rustic.
- - Keg of Plenty - Serves proprietary blends of ales, wines, and beers served in custom-crafted Everfull Mugs.

– – Tavern in Deepstone: Zone of Peace – it is owned by respected man/woman who believes in True Neutrality. On the grounds of the tavern, weapons may not be physically drawn, nor magic can be called forth with an intent to hurt. As long as the patron is paying, he is under Asylum – unless there is an official warrant from the town hall. The place is unusually quiet for a tavern

– – Deepholm Draughts

Tea Party of Deepstone. Tea Party is a network of taverns that operates in several regions. It is heavily stylized in the Bubble Goth style popularized by the celebrated Sublime Chord singer Kerli Q. The decor and furnishings are in blacks, whites, and pinks, with intricate ornamentation, and a mixture of the cute and the macabre. Barmaids usually sport heavy makeup with high contrast, blacks and pastels, knee-high stockings, stripes, checkered patterns, high platform boots, and short lace skirts.
- - Deepstone has the Rocksalt Respite, named for the fuckoff big pillar of salt in the middle of the common room. Their meals tend to be perfectly seasoned, but lower middle in quality.
Pinnacle of the Feathered Serpent. A guild of rainbow servants in the regional capital, with ties to couatl temples in the outlying deep Alpine forests.
Deepstone Mining Company is a shady-ass business run by Svertar, a shady-ass super racist Dwarf.
Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santísima Trinidad Ruiz y Picasso is a gnome artist from Deepstone know for Painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, ceramics, stage design, and writing.
The Easthorn Mountains are a formidable barrier to travel between the capital of Deepstone and the coast. There are treacherous hazards that make this overland route so daunting that only the bravest or most foolhardy of adventurers would risk their passage, including deep ravines, steep towering peaks, and labyrinthine caves that are home to many unfriendly creatures.

The Tabernacle of the Feathered Serpent is a semi-religious complex in the alpine forests south of Deepstone, deep in the wilderness far from humanoid settlements. Little is known about the site, except rumors that it is home to a large and even huge couatls, who are worshipped and served by a clan of good-aligned kobolds.
There is a common folk belief, which city folk scoff at, that invisible forest spirits will bless a home if it has a potted tree growing within its walls. The belief often separates those of rural origin who have recently moved to the cities, from those who have been urban for several generations. Those who cling to the old belief may keep a small potted tree hidden in a back room so as not to appear backward or ignorant to their sophisticated neighbors and guests. The knowledge of pruning and keeping the miniature trees is a dying art in the cities, but outside the region the trees are prized for their beauty. Specimens a century or more in age can command prices in the thousands of golds, especially those with more gnarled or unbalanced appearance, which are favored as symbols of struggle against adversity by collectors.
Clangeddin Truesilver
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