Climate: arid
Terrain: broken hills, sparse plantlife
Flavor: Fortress city. Population is a mix of monstrous humanoids.
The early history of Fanghold is one of immense internal strife. For centuries the various monstrous humanoids inhabiting the region vied for dominance, resulting in the deaths of thousands. These wars were mostly fought along racial lines, as the inhabitants tended to divide themselves along racial lines into tribal alliances. Sometime in its first millennium MR, a coalition of the strongest, wealthiest, and most skillful creatures in Fanghold was able to establish stability and peace in the region. They established a form of dynamic form of government, in which the dominant rule, that continues on to the present day. In order to prevent the racial strife that marred the early history of Fanghold, classes were established that transcended racial divisions and discouraged cooperation across class lines. At the present, inhabitants of Fanghold tend to form their identities primarily around their class.
The government of Fanghold is made up of Alphas, Gammas, and Deltas, with these ranks corresponding with three areas of dominance: 1) fighting prowess, measured in Arena victories, 2) skill, measured in Game victories, and 3) wealth, measured in Platinum pieces. Rank is not hereditary, and neither is wealth except among Deltas. At any given time, roughly three-quarters of the inhabitants of Fanghold may belong to the bottom rank, which is referred to as “Betas.”

Betas have relatively few rights. They cannot own property or engage in commerce with Platinum pieces. They are not permitted to wear clothing that covers more than the minimum required for modesty (public exposure of genitals, buttocks, or breasts is a potential capital offense, but may be commuted with payment of a fine of one Platinum piece, which is the standard equivalent of five years of indentured servitude for a Beta). Betas must wear a collar, and Betas that do not have a Tag on their collar showing who they are indentured to may be called upon by any of higher rank at any time to do up to an hour’s worth of work for no pay. Betas can be indentured to serve for a period of up to five years to pay for their debts or fines. Most have some amount of debt, with sometimes as many as four or more consecutive five-year contracts hanging around their necks.

Visitors or immigrants to Fanghold must file for an exemption to Beta status within 100 feet of the border. These exemptions are granted for a year, with no options for extension or renewal. At the border, any Platinum pieces must be declared and exchanged for gold or other forms of wealth. Any failure to follow these laws results in confiscation of all personal wealth and indenture.

ALPHAS The rank of Alpha may be won in the Arena. Anyone may compete in the fighting Arena. One party challenges another, and sets a bet on the contest. The minimum bet for an Arena match is two gold pieces, or one-fifth of a Platinum piece. If the challenge and bet are accepted as an act of free will, the contestants schedule an Arena match to compete in a week or earlier.
Failure to show up to an Arena match is a concession or loss. An Arena contest is supposed to end when one party concedes or submits. Killing a foe before submission is not punishable, but killing a foe who has submitted results in a fine of one Platinum piece, payable to the next of kin of the deceased. It is possible for a person to be intentured and an Alpha at the same time (though the value of an Alpha’s servitude is equal to one Platinum piece per year, rather than for five years). No one may be forced to fight in the Arena, though many choose it as an alternative to a death sentence; in criminal cases, matches are scheduled immediately.
An Arena victor receives the rank of Alpha, regardless of fluctuations in personal wealth, for the remainder of his or her life. Alphas are permitted to wear one piece of red clothing at a time, as a sign of their rank.

In addition to the Arena, there are also contests of skill known as Games. It is rare for contestants to die in Games, but the same rules of free will, challenge, bet, and submission are followed that are observed in the Arena. When a Game challenge is issued, the party making the challenge sets the bet (the minimum bet for Games is one Platinum piece, equal to five years of bondage for a Beta). The second party, should they accept the challenge and match the bet, is able to decide the skill to be tested in the Game. Whichever party wins the Game collects the bet from the other party. Bets can be accepted (but not set) by someone who does not actually own enough wealth to match the bet–thus incurring a debt if they lose.
If a Beta wins a Game, the Beta has earned the rank of Gamma. The Gamma is also considered to own one Platinum piece (or more, if the bet was higher), thus simultaneously rising the the rank of Delta, unless the Gamma has other debts that must be paid with the winnings, that would diminish their fortune below one Platinum piece. Victors of Games receive the rank of Gamma for the remainder of their lives, regardless of personal wealth. Gammas are permitted to wear one piece of blue-colored clothing at a time, as a mark of their rank.

Any inhabitant of Fanghold who personally owns at least one Platinum piece, rises to the rank of Delta. To maintain class divisions, several restrictions on the transfer of wealth are enforced. Wealth cannot be inherited by anyone but Deltas. When a Delta dies, the wealth of the deceased goes to another Delta designated before the passing, or to the most recent victor in the Games if no valid heir has been chosen. Visitors or immigrants from other regions are not permitted to bring Platinum pieces into Fanghold. Only Platinum pieces minted in the region are recognized as Platinum currency. It is illegal in the region to give a Platinum piece to a non-Delta in exchange for any any amount of money, goods, or service.
Few inhabitants of Fanghold actually carry wealth on their person; a system of banking and accounting with magical items known as Wallets (or Tags, in the case of non-Deltas) takes care of the details of wealth control. The registration system works similar to Scrying, with a Wallet or Tag marker keyed to the identity of the owner using small bits of the person (usually hair and blood). The wealth status of the individual, including ownership of any Fanghold-minted Platinum pieces, is attached to the marker, and can be updated using a wondrous item known as a Fanghold Register. Use of Registers is strictly controlled, and misuse is a capital offense. Any persons in Fanghold who are not wearing a Tag on a collar are considered fugitive Betas, and may be indentured on sight by any Delta willing to claim them, until their identity and rank can be proven.
Deltas are permitted to own property, engage in commerce with Platinum pieces, and place bets on the Arena matches and Games played by others. Betting is a popular method for Deltas to attempt to gain greater wealth. Many Deltas also sponsor recent victors in the Arena and Games, paying them to compete on the Delta’s behalf in future contests. The victories only count toward the victor, not the sponsor, but the Delta sponsor may have an agreement that allows the sponsor to collect the winnings (if any), in exchange for putting up the money for the bet.
Any Delta whose personal wealth drops below one actual Platinum piece (10 golds etc. does not count), loses the rank of Delta. Deltas are permitted to wear one piece of yellow clothing as a mark of their rank.

Rulership in Fanghold is split between three offices for each settlement: the Supreme Alpha, the Supreme Gamma, and the Supreme Delta. At the regional level, these same officers are called the Alpha Omega, the Gamma Omega, and the Delta Omega.
The offices of Alpha rulership are based entirely on the number of the Alpha’s personal victories in the Arena. The holder of the current record for most Arena victories in a settlement has authority over all military and security decisions for the settlement (or for the region, in the case of the Alpha Omega), but may delegate their authority to others. Subordinates of Alpha rulers are known as the Alpha Pack; these must have at least 10 personal Arena victories, but are otherwise chosen based on competence. Alpha Omegas, Supreme Alphas, and members of the Alpha Pack elite are permitted to wear more than one article of red clothing at a time.
The ruling offices of the Gammas are similarly based on Game victories. All non-military, non-security, and non-financial decisions for a settlement fall under the authority of the Supreme Gamma (or the Gamma Omega, for the entire region). This authority may be delegated to subordinates, which are known as the Gamma Pack. Members of the Gamma Pack must have at least 10 personal victories in the Games, but are otherwise chosen based on relevant competencies. Gamma Omegas, Supreme Gammas, and members of the Gamma Pack elite are permitted to wear more than one article of blue clothing at a time.
The Delta ruling offices are based entirely on personal wealth. The Delta having the greatest personal fortune in Platinum pieces in a settlement is designated as the Supreme Delta (or the Delta Omega for the most wealthy Delta in the Fanghold region). Delta rulers are given authority over all financial decisions in their geographical region, but may delegate decisions to subordinates. Subordinates of the Delta rulers are known as the Delta Pack; they must personally have a fortune of at last 10 Platinum pieces, but the appointments are otherwise based on competence. Delta rulers and members of the Delta Pack elite are the only persons in Fanghold permitted to wear more than one article of yellow-colored clothing at a time.
Varg’s BBQ and Roadhouse
Ghaunadaur’s Rebel House, a haven for the forsaken, the outcast, and the ones who don’t mind bucking the system if it means waking people up from their dreaming.

The Dusty Cantina offers cool refreshing drinks to patrons weary from traveling the arid hills around Fanghold

Tight Collar Tavern – Doesn’t it seem odd that most tavens seem to be based on the human model of “we need a place to let loose and get wild”? What about beastly races that are already naturally loose and wild? Where would they go for a change of pace? Enter the Tight Collar Tavern, where beastly humanoids go to suppress their wild side and get calmer and more self-restricting. Sure, it has zero appeal to humans, but they aren’t the clientelle of the Tight Collar. Serves weak tea, steamed broccoli, and other light fare.
The Red Rock Inn is found just inside the imposing main gates of the Fanghold city fortress. It offers cool refreshment and imported foods from far beyond the sparse hills of Fanghold. The upper three stories hold rooms. The kitchens, dining rooms, and entertainment lounges are found on the main floor. Below ground there are storage cellars, but also a hard liquor cantina for those so inclined.
Red Knight
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