The small town here is in ruin, the buildings in shambles but they are still inhabited. They look more like shacks and thrown together shabby hooches than anything, years of old repairs clearly taking their tolls on the residence that are packed tightly together into small cramped slum like locations. The water way here that runs past the tow, and even the well smell of sewage, and run off of some toxic materials, metals and the color of rust visible in the water like slick oils. Large clay sand filters litter the dying fields to try and purify what small amounts of water the town can muster. There is still hope though.

A few buildings still stand proud. there is an Inn on the edge of town, beside where the some of the only farmers still reside in run down shanties with dirt floors. The carpenter who’s desperately trying to keep the town together lives on the main street here near the center well, his home hardly well kept, and with no actual door but a thatch sheet to keep the cold out. Two black smiths live near the road to the mine, one crafts tools and the other, can be seen still trying to deal with a militia that comes through for weapons. They share a forge house, with a single anvil. A thatcher lives out towards the swamp, who seems more well off, his home still kept as he seems to make of clay bricks and straw roofing. And lastly is the old chapel, on the road to the fort, broken down and full of holes, the steeple leaning and the shutters rotted out, it has not been used in a long time. There is much to be done here.

It is rather large for a village but the majority of it’s population is temporary labor. It sustains itself and it’s temporary labor force through it’s elaborate farms. The majority of that temporary labor force is there for the large aggressive mining operations in the area. While it is meerly a village it provides a quarter of the standard metals for the entire continent. The temporary workforce is to make up for the fact that the fast dirty mining tends rather toxic for those within.
– – Blasting Furnace is a tavern located near the River Yarth in Fellgone. The name evokes imagery of warmth, reminding patrons of the tavern’s best-known features: the heated baths built upon a natural hot spring. Hot mud baths, saunas, and cold showers complete the amenities.

– – The Wasted Wyvern

– – The Drunken Dryad
Thard Harr
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