Gelvanus is to the south west, and is a fortress city of Gnomes. They primarily make their living off running workships where they turn metal into things that sell at a much higher value.
Honeyed Bouquet. It is a tasting and sampling tavern specializing in fine drinks and food whose flavors and aromas are especially pleasurable to discerning gnomes. Several tasting societies hold regular meetings and events there.

Proprietor: Frouse Turen, Male Gnome. He wears skinny pants and wears a green and blue greatcoat with a peacock design, and a brocade waistcoat. He carries with him a set of hammers, each one with a green gem on the hilt. He only wears one on his belt and the other strapped to his boot. His broad-brimmed leather hat bears a large green gem and three exotic feathers. His eyes are likewise green. He exudes charisma, a tour de force of persuasion. Frouse is accommodating to his spouse and as such limits his exposure to danger, though he prefers to take it head-on. He is warm and friendly, and easily relates to a wide range of customers.

– – Swamp Juice – Will get you more buzzed than a swarm of stirges!

– – The Dire Drunkard
Wonky Clockwork Proprietor: TBD Location: In a crafting quarter, on an avenue lit by alchemical lamps. Description: The Wonky Clockwork sells a mixture of gnome artificer creations, constructs and wares related to them, and enchanted tools and utility items, especially for alchemists, crafters, artificers, and engineers. The shop is a sprawling brick single story building with high trussed ceilings and several smokestacks from forges and furnaces in the rear. The front door is metal and features a conspicuous clockwork opening mechanism. The floor is made of light grey flagstones fitted in a modified herringbone pattern. The shelves are of gnome make, and are filled with a wide variety of contraptions and tools. Inventory: Skill tools (both regular, masterwork, and enchanted), materials for crafting, and finished gnome artificer constructions. Also materials and upgrades for various constructs, including animated objects, golems, homunculi, and warforged. Constructs themselves are rarely sold at Wonky Clockwork, but can be brought to the shop for repairs and improvements. Specials: A buy 2-get-1 free standing special on glasswork items (such as hourglasses, telescopes, lenses, bottles, vials, and lab sets). The proprietor’s nephew has a glasswork business that he is trying to build; the items are not of the best quality, but are cheaper than usual.
Open Glass Proprietor: TBD Location: Based at a dock on the south bank of the River Yard, at the regional capital of Gelvanus. Description: A steam-powered vessel (of gnome artificer construction) and crewed entirely by gnomes. The hull is partly wooden with brass and steel fittings and machinery. The ferry’s primary customers are merchants bringing materials to Gelvanus for the many crafters working there, or taking finished trade goods from the city to other settlements. Since the River Yard connects Gelvanus to most of its major markets (such as Carshune or Fellgone and beyond), it is the smaller local towns, such as those north of Gelvanus, that are home to its primary customers.
Exchequier Argent Location: A merchant quarter between a wine factor and a general store. The avenue is paved with light gray stones and lit with alchemical lamps. Description: Exchequier Argent Warehouse (EAW) of Gelvanus is a brick and granits building with broad steps in the front leading up to a tall pointed facade supported by eight great stone pillars. The front doors are brass and have complex mechanical and magical locks. The main lobby has heavily armed security guards. Withdrawals, transfers, and deposits are made at counters, where patrons are separated from tellers by brass and steel dividers, accessed through a small slot. Secure booths in the rear of the lobby can be used by patrons to discuss the contents of their vault or other account particulars with warehouse agents. Access to personal vaults (located deep underground) is strictly controlled, and layered magical protections are employed to ensure vault security. Deposits, Transfers, and Withdrawals are communicated magically between branches, allowing for a system akin to banking in distant locations. For example, a patron in Gelvanus may leave all their valuables in a vault at an Exchechier Argent Warehouse in Gelvanus, then travel to Carshune City, and withdraw from the Carshune City Warehouse an amount of coinage or gems equal to or less than the value of their vault contents, which will be recorded in both branches. Appraisers at Exchequier Argent Warehouses have a reputation for fairness and impartiality, and are often employed as agents in other mercantile exchanges. The Gelvanus location is one of several branches, with the headquarters being located in Carshune City.
Guild of Gnome Artificers Location: In the civic quarter, on one side of the main square. Description: The Gelvanus chapter of the Guild of Gnome Artificers is located in a sprawling campus incorporating about a dozen major buildings and various outbuildings, mostly in brick and stone, as well as extensive underground rooms, halls, and facilities. The Gelvanus chapter is one branch of a guild network that includes other major cities such as Horizon Towers and Glitter Tower (where the guild headquarters is located). The Gelvanus Chapter has a relatively small artifact Vault (compared to that of its parent organization in Glitter Tower). It contains mechanical and pseudomagical creations crafted by its members or other intrepid inventors, and acquired by the guild officers. When a mechanical or mechani-magical creation surfaces that the officers of the guild deem is of great value, especially if it appears to be a danger if left in the wrong hands, the guild takes extraordinary measures to acquire and secure the creation. In addition to the Vault, the guildhall contains an academy, workshops, storage rooms, shops, offices, and living quarters for postulates, members, and officers. Entrance into the guild is gained through payment of a 100 gp application fee, and presentation of a work of artifice of the applicant’s sole creation, of at least 150 gp value.
The Shieldfangs is an organization of talking animals, anthropomorphic creatures, magical beasts, and other allies dedicated to the destruction of evil monsters. They hunt evil monsters and allied organizations, and work to support those who also fight against such threats. Although they have chapters across Faerun, the Shieldfangs have a relatively small foothold in M’Kal. The recent rise of evil lycanthropes in the area has prompted the organization to establish a chapter of the Shieldfangs in Gelvanus, and they are rumored to be seeking a home for another chapter in Carshune City. The organization is sponsored by the deities Lurue, Nobanion, and Selune, though membership is open to allies who revere other powers. The majority of members are centaurs, blink dogs, giant eagles, and Selûneite werewolves. Others include a few dragons, giants, lammasu, androsphinx, guardian naga, and even nymphs. Hearing of the growing lycanthope menace in the area, a large group of lupin rangers, all experienced lycanthrope hunters, has recently approached the Gelvanus chapter about either being admitted to the Shieldfangs, or forming an alliance. The organization has traditionally created subsets based on race (for example, the centaur members usually belong to a subset known as “Thunder Ride”). There are discussions among the Shieldfangs leadership to grant the lupins a new subset identity, to be called Spirit Pack.
Orrynock Gimlen: The inhabitants of Gelvanus have a local myth that the city was founded by a gnome named Orrynock Gimlen, who had a talent for bringing people together, and a love for wide open spaces. His dream was to establish a land where gnomes and fair-minded folk could live with plenty of elbow room, peace, and order. It is because of his foresight that all the avenues in Gelvanus are wide enough for a team of oxen to make a full circle turn in every intersection. He also laid out the streets in a grid pattern, with streets numbered from the center, known as Founder’s Square. There is a popular myth in Gelvanus that when Orrynock Gimlen was traveling from the site of Carshune City (which had only recently been founded), he knew his destination would be about 10 days by foot from the future capital, but he didn’t know exactly where. As Orrynock Gimlen journeyed eastward along the north bank of the great River Yard, surveying several potential sites, he suddenly saw the clouds part and a ray of sunlight shine down on a spot on the opposite bluff. Feeling that this was no mere coincidence, Orrynock Gimlen had his men erect one of the bull-hide boats they carried. These were made from a hoop of wood, with about 10 flexible poles lashed to the hoop in a crisscrossing pattern to make a bowl, and then a full bull-hide was stretched over the frame to make a temporary cup-like boat.

Paddling across the wide river, Orrynock Gimlen reached the opposite shore in less than an hour, a small miracle considering the width of the river and the current. When he reached the opposite bank, the spot on the bluff was still illuminated, and continued to have a highlighting sunbeam shine on it until he reached his destination. Planting his walking stick in the ground, Orrynock Gimlen declared, “This is the place where we shall build our city.” When he finished his declaration, the clouds closed, and the ray of light was gone. This story, which has taken on mythic qualities in the retelling, is repeated every 24th of Eleasis at a celebration known as Founder’s Day, with a great parade featuring children dressed in period costume as Founders, the first cohort of gnomes who settled Gelvanus. The guests of honor for the festivities are a boy and girl dressed as Orrynock Gimlen and his wife Hilden. In recent decades, Hilden has been given a more active role in modern versions of the founding myth. In earlier versions, she was left behind in the oxcart while Orrynock Gimlen crossed the river. In the current myth, they crossed the River Yard in the bull-hide boat together, and it was Hilden who kept her eyes on the sunbeam-lit spot, never letting it out of her sight while Orrynock Gimlen paddled the boat.

In any case, it should be noted that Orrynock Gimlen is never named in the story except by his full name, nor in the Founder’s Day celebrations (now called Founders’ Day, a small change to emphasize the unity of the couple). So far, Hilden has not yet been given that same honor universally, though changes are certainly afoot in that direction. There is a small counterculture movement of Gelvanians who claim (variously) that the founding leaves out important details, that it is overly gnome-centric, that it was based on oppressive ideology, or even that Orrynock and Hilden Gimlen never existed, and were later inventions created to legitimate a settlement that (the critics say) never should have happened. These claims have gained more traction in recent years among the younger generation of gnomes.
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