Glitter Tower

Glitter Tower

Higher Vintage
Proprietor: Crystal Underthrow (gnome)
Good quality alchemical tavern serving well-established liquors and brews. Nothing surprising except the quality. No rooms available.

Vinny’s Brews
Proprietor: Vinny the Bold (gnome)
Specializes in microbrews, experimental alchemy, and drinks you won’t find elsewhere. Usually no rooms or entertainment available.

Just a Gear
Proprietor: Tyndil Pennyweight (gnome)
Drinks and food, catering to techy types. A frequent hangout for crafters, tinkerers, inventors, and artificers.

Merchant King of Glitter Tower. Merchant King is a network of taverns that operates in several regions. In Glitter Tower it is staffed by gnome-dwarf hybrids who make use of the magical banking network of temples and shrines of Vergadain. The food and rooms are not great, but guests can expect roughly the same quality and rates at each establishment, which travelers and merchant caravaners appreciate. The construction is half-timber, and the banner outside the front door features a laughing image of Vergadain in yellow, on a red background. The main attraction is that guests can pay using their Vegadain accounts, which draw upon treasure deposited at any branch of the main temple in Red Roost. They can also make small deposits or withdrawals from their accounts at any Merchant King tavern (with a limit of 100gp per day; larger amounts need to be handled at a temple or shrine of the god).

Pür Lyfe of Farmington (an outlying settlement in Glittertower). Pür Lyfe is a network of low-cost taverns that operates in several regions. The taverns are known for their bare-necessities approach to lodging and meals, with prices set at a level that barely renumerates the operating costs. In Wyrm Tribe the tavern is staffed by dwarves who take a vow of poverty before joining. All of their material possessions are donated to the tavern, and they receive no wages for their service there – just living arrangements. The staff live simply, with clean robes of homespun linen or leather, and eat the same simple meals as the guests. During their off-duty hours, the staff typically have some charitable activity that they engage in. One may make clothes for the poor (using tools that belong to the tavern). Another might roam the city’s streets, looking for refuse to pick up. Another might care for the children of other staff (their families also are permitted to live in the staff quarters, as long as both parents are staff).

The tavern has no actual owner; the “proprietor” also has a vow of poverty and merely administers the tavern in the name of the “Pür Lyfe” organization, which owns the property, building, and its contents. Any excess in incomes or donations from one establishment are sent to the central office located in Everhart City (a building adjacent to the tavern there), whose staff have likewise taken vows of poverty. Each Pür Lyfe tavern is dedicated to a different patron deity of travel. The tavern in Farmington is dedicated to Marthammor Duin.
Trundle Bed
Proprietor: Gravnar Half-Gnome (half-gnome)
Mostly a hotel, catering to devotees visiting the festhall of Sharess (located nearby) who want a decent room for a reasonable price. Food and drink are also available, but not generally included with the cost of a bed for the night.

Sassy Lube
Proprietor: Tyessi Thistledown (half-fey gnome)
All sizes and qualities of rooms offered from tiny to large, and food/drinks from low to good quality. Companion options are more than adequate for most tastes.

Upper Bunk
Proprietor: Master Cirts (human)
Common to low quality beds, meals, and drinks.

Proprietor: City of Glitter Tower
Low-priced hostel for travelers. Rooms are shared with other patrons. Meals are just low-quality soup, bread, and beer, but fairly priced.
Hall of Marvelous Beginnings (major temple of Sharess)
Proprietor: Cinthia Youngblood, high priestess of Sharess (human)
The central temple of Sharess’s worship in M’Kal. More than “just” a festhall, the Hall of Marvelous Beginnings (or the Hall of Marvels, as most locals call it) takes up an entire block of the city of Glitter Tower. Every pleasure imaginable is offered. Private room packages include options for meals and drinks of legendary quality.

Flandal Steelskin
Gwaeron Windstorm
Deep Deurra
Deep Sashelas
Garl Glittergold
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