High Feather

High Feather

Temperate to dry
high hills, some peaks, to the east are arid rocky hills and desert
There are many different kinds of winged inhabitants. From Harpies, to Kenku, and others. Some clans choose to nest on a single, lonely mountain, whereas others choose to roost within a chain.
A great hero of legend named Alionora was a half-harpy half-giant who worshiped Syranita. This hero brought Syranita’s religion to the new world of M’kal when taking one of the earlier ships that came from Faerun. This hero slew a great and powerful blue dragon that claimed High Feather’s Flock’s Reach Mountains as its territory. The battle was epic, and took hours while flying in the sky. The legend says that Alionora was then visited by Syranita herself, and they procreated. Whatever happened to the offspring was lost to time. However, it is said that the offspring lay sleeping somewhere, waiting for the right time.
Blighted Rum - a tavern known for its comedic entertainment.

Harpy Song - a tavern for patrons to lose themselves to the captivating songs of the proprietor’s harpies. Some say it’s more intoxicating than booze, but without the hangover. Other carefully controlled creatures with charming, dazzling, or other mind-affecting abilities are also available for hire in private rooms (Glaistigs, Pixies, Nymphs, and Dryads)

Server: Female human named Maria, very busty, and scantily clad.

The Blooded Fields - an outdoor tavern which hosts an acre field where orcs and dwarves will stage mock battles - though spectators and participants often hint that the battles aren’t mock to them - almost every night. One side of the pitch is always devoted to Gruumsh, and the other to Moradin.
The Strength of Arms Smithy: Run by a female dwarf, and male human. The human makes the armor, and the dwarf makes the weapons. Each of them has an extremely good reputation of making armor and weapons for adventurers. They’ve
The Hall of Champions: A guild that exonerates those of martial prowess. They have a magical picture that changes every so often to depict the deeds of the most heroic people to ever grace the halls. A few such heros are the full-blooded orc barbarian of a man. Krusher Strong-arm. He wielded an Earthbreaker hammer, a massive two-handed maul. He crushed an entire family of ogres by himself. Then there’s Avia Swift-wing. An egarel ranger who single-handedly wiped out an entire war party of raiding goblins from the sky. They slung spells, arrows, and weapons at her, though she was never hit. The last is Kelvin of High Feather, a human with no last name who in a ritual of Gruumsh was charged by a bull while naked. He snapped the bulls neck and gained even greater power from this. The ceremony was witnessed by everyone in the hall.

Of the Arcane Arts: A college for sorcerers, wizards, and other magic users. They host a large selection of spellcrafting means to make your own magic items, or to create spells.
Marthammor Duin
Thard Harr

Temple to Syranita: A huge avian temple with large wingways that allow for flying in, and out of the temple. Every day a sermon is held for Syranita to strengthen her power. Creating the Oretee, and Egarel had weakened her power. This has drawn the attention of some evil deities that wish to steal her divine power.

Priest Gothras: Half-elf male priest of Syranita. Married to a harpy ranger named Kyrra. Cleric through-and-through.
A Dwarven village of craftsmen, and miners. This village is situated against the mountain chain of Flock’s Reach. The population is mostly dwarves, with humans, and some halflings. No full-blooded orcs here, however there is the occasional half-orc, and Half-elf. Oretee tend to visit the dwarves to have them make items for the flock.
Senate of the Lands - a senate of many seats, each being a representative of one of the five villages, High Feather, Tuen’s Cairn, and the other villages.
Tuen’s Cairn - A large mountain that has loose boulders stacked high, far, and wide. Trees grow small here, and the land is mostly covered in shrubbery. Mountain Goats are all over this mountain in large herds. Inside the mountain there are small networks of caves that have mushrooms, and flora that grow within. These are the goats’ favorite foods. (Does not exist yet)[Tuen’s Cairn is host to a village of Egarel, a race of winged eagle-like people who patrol the skies.]
Syranita’s Selection: This is a shop run by harpies mostly which dedicates to creating dream catchers, and trinkets of native origin. They vastly respect the avian culture, and seek to emulate it.

Gruumsh’s Tribalwear - An orcish store that devotes its time, and employees to the crafting of tribal wear, and other things that call back to their old heritage of warbanding, and marauding.
Lady Irene: Human female leader of High Feather. She’s a magic user through-and-through. She summons the leaders of each village to have a senate to determine the best possible growth for the five outlying villages, and a few other points of interest.
The economy runs off of not just gold, but large feathers, desert shells, and gemstones. Things to make tribal crafts, and other simple jewelry are a hot commodity, and a partial currency themselves.
Bit and Bridle: A stable that rears all sorts of powerful creatures, from griffons, to heavy war horses. All mounts here can be bought for a steep price, however, the price is well worth it.
Melkin’s Magic Maker: A shop for all sorts of magical items that can be found, or created upon request. They have all minor items, however only 1d4 medium, and 1 greater item per session. These will always rotate out if you don’t buy them.
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