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Chosen of Mielikki Template

+6 Dex +4 Wis +4 Cha +4 Survival +4 Hide Feats: Two Weapon Fighting, Create Portal, Forester Spells At Will: At Will – Calm Animals, Barkskin, Obscuring Mist Spells 5/day: 5/day – Hold Animal, Speak with Animals, Woodshape Spells 3/day: 3/day – Call Lightning, Quench, Liveoak, Summon Nature’s Alley VI(unicorn only) Spells 1/day: 1/day – […]

Chosen of Meilikki Template

Dex: +2 Con: +2 Wis: +5 Saves: +2 to all DR: 5/- Feats: Forester, Skill Focus(Wilderness Lore), Track Spells – COnstant: Endure Elements(Acid, Cold, Fire, Sonic) Spells – At Will: Detect Poison, Speak with Animals, Calm Animal, Speak with Plants Spells 3/day: Wood Shape, Water Breathing, Entangle, Tree Slide Spells 1/day: Azaken, Commune with Nature, […]

Chosen of Mystra

Special Qualities: A Chosen of Mystra retains all of the special qualities of the character and also gains the following: Bonus Spells (Sp): The Chosen of Mystra may choose one spell, of each level one through nine, which she may use once per day as a spell-like ability. The caster level for these spells is equal to […]

Chosen of the Red Knight

Chosen of the Red Knight Creating a Chosen of the Red Knight “Chosen of the Red Knight” is a +4 template that can be added to any humanoid creature. A Chosen of the Red Knight uses all the base character’s statistics and special abilities except as noted. A Chosen of the Red Knight only has […]

Chosen of Bahamut Template 3

+10 Charisma +5 Holy AC Immunities [Ex]: Chosen are immune to disintegration effects and death effects  Shimmering Breath [Su]: Blessed by the Platinum Dragon himself, the Chosen are able to breathe a magical, shimmering gas. It can be a 100 ft. cone or a 150 ft. line and may be used to the following effects once per […]

Chosen of Bahamut Template 2

Each Chosen of Bahamut is immune to all fear effects (Ex, Su, Sp … etc). Each Chosen of Bahamut is immune to sleep effects. Each Chosen of Bahamut is immune to all paralysis effects. Each Chosen of Bahamut is immune to disintegration. Each Chosen of Bahamut is immune to all level drain effects. The Chosen […]

Chose of Bahamut Template

Prerequisite: Must be good aligned Dragon, Half-Dragon, or Dragonblooded Individual. Must Worship Bahamut +2 Int +2 Wis +2 Cha +2 to all saves Allies get +4 vs dragon fear. Those without wings, gain wings and can fly at a good level. Those with wings have their flight quality increased by 1 tier. Feat: Mobility Scales […]

What is good vs evil?

Alignment arguments are a huge cornerstone of D&D culture. There are a lot of arguments and lines that some people like to use, that are frankly horse shit. There are some clear and easy ways to define good and evil, law and chaos. The reason the topic becomes such a big argument is the Yabutts. […]

Lethal Mischief in Brasstar (The Attack on Gruntest)

“…You want to attack that place head on?” “What–? No! What am I, insane?“ A conversation that must have taken place sometime before the battle at Gruntest. Gruntest is a big city. One can’t really understate just how impossible it would be to simply roll over such a large city full of orcs ready to […]

The Attack On Everheart City

One cannot count on Mother Nature to dote on them and make sure they’re taken care of like any other kind of mother. The druids of Everheart City are more aware of that fact than most. The Tree Top City of Everheart is well defended against attackers. The massive trees the city is built upon […]

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