Chose of Bahamut Template

Prerequisite: Must be good aligned Dragon, Half-Dragon, or Dragonblooded Individual. Must Worship Bahamut

+2 Int
+2 Wis
+2 Cha

+2 to all saves
Allies get +4 vs dragon fear.

Those without wings, gain wings and can fly at a good level. Those with wings have their flight quality increased by 1 tier.

Feat: Mobility

Scales turn platinum as per the Platinum Knight class.

Smite evil dragon kind as per the platinum knight class.

Spell Casters Gain 1 Bonus Spell Per Day Per Level of Casting, This Bonus spell must be spent in one of the Spells with the Good, Dragon, Air, Luck, Nobility, Storm, or Protection. See appropriate Cleric Domains. All Arcane Spells that are in the Draconomicon count as Dragon Spells.

Non-Spell Casters Gain the Ability to cast the Following spells at Caster Level equal to their Class Levels Once per day.
Earthbind (Flying Creatures are bound to the Earth, and cannot fly.)
Resist Energy

Voice of the Dragon (+10 Diplomacy, Bluff, and Intimidate. For 30 minutes Period.)

Non Spell Casters all Gain Weapon Prof, and Focus with Bahumuts favored Weapon. (A Heavy Pick or a Bite Attack if they do not already have such, if they do then they gain a one time only +1 to attack with the favored weapon, this is not a base attack, this is a misc.)

The Platinum Knight Prestige Class is found in the Draconomicon. As is all the Information on Bahamut himself and other Spells, Or Domains that I mention that you are not sure about.

CR/LA +4

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