Chosen of Bahamut Template 3

+10 Charisma
+5 Holy AC

Immunities [Ex]: Chosen are immune to disintegration effects and death effects 

Shimmering Breath [Su]: Blessed by the Platinum Dragon himself, the Chosen are able to breathe a magical, shimmering gas. It can be a 100 ft. cone or a 150 ft. line and may be used to the following effects once per a round:
• Heal (Chosen Hit dice x Charisma Modifier) x 1.5 /day
• Add +15 Deflection bonus to AC for rounds equal to Chosen’s Charisma Modifier
• Disintegration 1 /tenday (Reflex DC 20+ Chosen Charisma Modifier, Fortitude DC 15+ Chosen Charisma Modifier)
• Create a Wall of Ice or Wind
• Act as a Ring of Warmth or Cooling
Act as a Rod of Flame Extinguishing with 20 charges per a day

Spell-like Abilities [Sp]: The Chosen chooses two spells of each level to be spell-like abilities usable 1 /day (except for ninth, which they only get one and it is 1 /week)

Doesn’t Age [Ex]: The Chosen gains no ill effects from growing old, but does receive bonuses. The Chosen never dies of old age, nor physically ages in any way. When Bahamut has deemed the service of the Chosen over, the Chosen is taken to Mercuria by Bahamut himself.

Doesn’t Need Sleep [Ex]: The Chosen never needs sleep, even when fatigued. They do still need the normal amount of rest to prepare spells.

LA/CR +4

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