Chosen of Corellon Larethian

Chosen of Corellion Larethian
The Chosen of Corellion Larethian are individuals devoted to his ideals and consider themselves to be sacred caretakers of the elven race. Any elf or half elf may be chosen by Corellion but he favors individuals that work to care for elves or seek lost elven relics and magic.

Spell Like Abilities
At will-detect magic; 5/day-cure light wounds, faerie fire, true strike; 3/day-prayer, remove fear; 1/day-greater dispel magic, prismatic spray; caster level is equal to hit dice and saves are charisma based.

Special Abilities
Corellion’s Companion (sp): The Chosen may summon 1 Cooshee (Elven dog) to have as a companion in war and in peace. This ability requires 24 hours of mediation and once summoned the Cooshee remains loyal to the Chosen and is treated in the same manner as a paladins Warhorse in reguards to Bonus HD, AC, strength adj., Int., and special abilities. If the cooshee dies in battle the Chosen may not summon another for a year and a day.
Damage Reduction: 10/magic
Divine Archery (su): When using a longbow, short bow, composite longbow or composite short bow the Chosen does not receive range penalties. He also gains a +1 sacred bonus to hit when using these weapons.
Divine Swordsman (su): When using a long sword, rapier or short sword the Chosen gains a +4 sacred bonus to confirm critical threats. He also gains a +1 sacred bonus to hit when using these weapons. 
Eagle Vision (su): The Chosen gains a +8 bonus to spot checks.
Protection of the Master Archer (su): The Chosen gains the use of the deflect arrows feat. The Chosen simply wills the arrow to not strike so he does not need to have a free hand to make use of the feat. 
Shield of Stars (su): Once per day as a standard action, the Chosen may create a Shield of Stars. This consists of a field of sparkling energy which provides the Chosen, or a single creature designated by the Chosen, with protection equivalent to an Absorption spell. As per the spell any absorbed spell levels may be used to cast a spell but they may also be used to create a blast of energy which looks like a shower of stars. 
This star shower requires a standard action and creates 3 missiles of force for every spell level expended. These missiles unerringly strike any targets or single target within long range as indicated by the bearer of the Shield. The missiles inflict 1d6 force damage and magic resistance applies. Spells that prevent magic missile such as shield are effective against this ability. The caster level for this ability is equal to the HD of the affected creature. This ability remains in effect for 24 hours, until its absorbed levels have been expended or until the Chosen uses this ability again on the following day. 

Immunities (su): The Chosen is immune to effects of aging, disease and poison. The chosen has no need to sleep but still must rest 8 hours to recover arcane spells. 

Attribute bonuses: +2 bonus Strength, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom and Charisma; +4 bonus to Dexterity
Level Adjustment: +5

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