Chosen of Corellon Larethian

Sometimes dubbed Feywarden

Its a template that can be added to any Elf, or Half Elf. A Chosen of Corellon uses the character’s statistics and special abilities except as noted below. This excludes Drow as Corellon turned his back on Drow including those he personally sired.

+4 Dex
+3 Con
+4 Cha
+3 Str

+4 to all Saves

Spell – Constant: Detect Thoughts, Mage Armor, Identify
Spell – At Will: Tree Stride, Spiritual Weapon
Spell – 5/Day: Stoneskin, Spell Resistance
Spell – 3/day: Blade Barrier, True Strike.
Spell – 1/day: Sunburst, Prismatic Spray.

Corellon’s spell preperation(Su): The chosen needs only 10 minutes to prepare her spells in place of an hour or more.

Corellon’s magic focus(Su): The chosen casts all spells from all schools as if she had the Spell Focus feat.

Spell Immunity (Su): Chosen of Corellon are Immune to one spell of each spell level 1’st through 9’th just as if the Spell Immunity spell were in constant effect on them.

Immunities (Ex): Chosen of Corellon are immune to spider venom, and magic with spider venom effects. They are also immune to the paralyzing touch of Ghasts & Ghouls.

Dispell Magic (Su): Line of sight range.

Corellons Companion (Sp): The Chosen may summon 1 Cooshee (Elven dog) to have as a companion in War & in peace. Once summoned, the Cooshee remains loyal to the Chosen, and is treated in the same manner as a paladins Warhorse in reguards to Bonus HD, AC, strength adj., Int., and special abilities. If the cooshee dies in battle the Chosen may not summon another for a year & a day.

Corellon’s High Magic (sp): Being the Chosen of Corellon she is gifted by the god himself with a limited amount of lesser Elven High Magic. There are several forms of High Magic as listed below. 

Nymph’s Aura: This spell grants the chosen the beauty of a Nymph and its attendent dangers to all observers. All who gaze upon the chosen are blinded unless they successfully make a Fort. save (DC30). If the chosen disrobes, observers must successfully make a Fort. save (DC30) or die immediately reguardless of Hit Points or level. This High Magic ability is usable once a week.

Shooting Stars: This spell when cast creates a violent turbulence in the air above the area of effect, from which a number of fiery-orange, electrically-charged miniature fireballs erupt and shower onto the ground. Within the area of effect, all creatures suffer 8d10 points of combined fire and electrical damage. A successful Dex. save (DC25) indicates half damage. The area of effect is a 60′ radius spread, in a range of 120 yards. In addition, four large shooting stars materialize within the area of effect. The chosen can individually target these at specific creatures. Each star causes 48 points of damae on impact (no saving throw allowed). Any creature withi 10 feet of impact suffers 24 points of fire damage. A successful Dex. save (DC25) indicated half damage. This High Magic ability may be used twice a week.

Dragon Rage: This spell does not outwardly change the appearance of the chosen, but temporarily grants her the powers of a dragon of randomly determined type. Once cast, the chosen gains the abilities of the specific type. These abilities are Hit Die mod., Combat mod., Fear radius, Saving throws, AC, Attacks (including breath weapon), Movement (including flight), and special attacks and defenses. Additional hit points must be the first ones lost by the chosen. Roll on the table below to determine.

1-2. Copper
3. Brass
4. Bronze
5. Silver
6. Gold
1. Mature adult
2. Old
3. Very Old
4. Ancient
5. Wyrm
6. Great Wyrm

While dragonrage is in effect, the chosen also gains many of the personality traits of the appropriate dragon. This High Magic ability is usable 1 time a week.

Celestial Army: This spell is only to be cast when the elven peoples lives are threatened, or an elven community, or city is under threat of being destroyed.
This spell summons a host of beings from the upper planes who will fight on the side of the chosen. Roll 1d10 and refer to the list below to determine the type and number of beings summoned.

1. 1-3 Asral Devas
2. 1 Solar
3. 3-18 Hound Archons
4. 1-6 Trumpet Archons
5. 5-20 Avoral
6. 1 Celestial Lammasu
7. 1-3 Lillends
8. 2-20 Ghaele Eladrin
9. 2 Planetars
10. 2 Copper Dragons, 2 Bronze Dragons, 2 Silver Dragons and 1 Gold Dragon (all are great wyrms)

The summoned creatures will serve until the enemy is defeated or until they are slain. Slain creatures vanish and return to their home plane. This High Magic ability is usable 1 time a season. (or 4 times a year).

Corellon’s Starbolts: This spell-like ability comes in 3 different variants as shown below. Only one type of starbolt may be cast at a time, requiring 100 minutes before another variant of starbolt can be cast. and each type may only be cast 1 time a day. 

Corellon’s Combusting Starbolts (Sp): This ability works the same as a Magic Missile spell, except that (up to 5) Golden Starbolts fly forth from the fingers, and upon impact the targets are affected as if by a Combust spell, but takes 4d6 +1 point per character level damage on impact. Further, the creature must make a reflex save (DC25) or catch fire. This ability can be used once a day at the cost of 2,000 XP per Starbolt.

Corellon’s Singing Starbolts (Sp): This ability works the same as a Magic Missile spell, except that (up to 5) Silver Starbolts fly forth from the fingers filling the air with a lingering eerie song, and upon impact the targets are affected as if by a Song of Discord spell, (Will save DC25, negates). This spell lasts one round for each bonus Charisma modifier, and costs 500 XP for each bolt used.

Corellon’s Vanishing Starbolts (Sp): This ability works the same as a Magic Missile spell, except that (up to 5) Multi-colored Starbolts fly forth from the fingers, and upon impact the targets are affected as if by a Plane shift spell. Each different colored starbolt sends target to a seperate plane. Creatures can make a Will. save to negate (DC 25). This spell can be cast 1 time a day, and costs 2,000 XP for each bolt used.

Feats: (You gain these feats automaticly without meeting their prerequisites) Combat Casting, Strong soul, Education and Whirlwind Attack. 

CR/LA: +7

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