Chosen of Eilistraee

This is a Template that may be added to any creature that has attained special favor in the eyes of Eilistraee.

+4 Wis
+8 Dex

Spells – Constant: Constant: Magic Circle Against Evil, Freedom of Movement, Tongues, Foresight

Feats: Whirlwind

Spells – 5/day: Protection from Law, Calm Emotions, Atonement

Spells – 3/Day: Moonblade

Timeless Body: As per the druid class ability

Dancing Sword: any sword wielded by the chosen gains the dancing property. The Chosen can have one such dancing sword at a time.

Dance of Blades: The Chosen can move up to their speed in any round that they make a full attack with a sword.

Wolf Empathy as per the lycanthropic ability.

LA/CR: +4

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