Chosen of Eilistraee

+8 Dex
+4 Cha

Spells – Constant: Protection from Evil, Freedom of Movement, Comprehend Languages

Spells – At Will: Dancing Lights, Protection from Law
Spells – 5/day: Cat’s Grace, Calm Emotions, Suggestion
Spells – 3/day: Magic Missile(5 missiles) Moon Blade
Spells 1/day: Moonfire

Immunities: Aging, still accrues aging penalties

Any Sword wielded by a chosen of Eilistraee is treated as if the weapon had the dancing weapon enhancement

Planar Ally (Sp): A Chosen of the Maiden may summon a servant of Eilistraee as per the planar ally spell. He may use this ability a number of times per day equal to her Charisma modifier.

LA/CR +4

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