Chosen of Kelemvor

Chosen of Kelemvor

Creating a Chosen of Kelemvor

“Chosen of Kelemvor” is a +4 template that can be added to any humanoid cleric or monk of Kelemvor. A Chosen of Kelemvor uses all the base character’s statistics and special abilities except as noted. A Chosen of Kelemvor n only has its power at the will of Kelemvor; should the Judge of the Damned decide to remove Chosen status from a character, he or she reverts to their old abilities. 

Kelemvor is a direct god at times, noting the increased activities of the clerics of Cyric and Velsharoon in disturbing the rest of those who had passed into his care he empowered a chosen to train his clergy to better combat these rogue deities and their followers. Chosen of Kelemvor are in the truest sense hunters of the undead and those that create them. 

It’s also worth noting that the chosen of Kelemvor take seriously the oath to serve the people in performing funerals and comforting those who have recently lost loved ones to the Lord of the Dead. A chosen who dedicates themselves to a one sided pursuit of the undead will quickly lose their chosen status.

EX: Exalted turning: (Cleric only) Undead turned by a chosen of Kelemvor lose their ability to use any SU ability that they receive from being undead, as they are distracted by the undeniable call of the Lord of the Dead. 

When confronted by undead who are too powerful to be destroyed by the Chosen, the Chosen may continue to draw upon the might of Kelemvor to destroy the undead. For every round the chosen maintains concentration she gains one temporary level toward her total levels to destroy the undead. The temporary levels gained during exalted turnings ONLY affect the ability to destroy undead, there is no additional hit points, spells or any other abilities gained during the turning. 

For every two rounds of exalted turning the chosen must completely rest for one hour to recover from the direct connection to Kelemvor and the plane of the dead. Until rested the Chosen suffers –4 to hit, damage, spell DCs and skills against non undead foes. While resting and performing no other actions the Chosen is protected by a sanctuary spell with a +10 DC.

EX: Judgement’s Touch: (Monk only) The Chosen of Kelemvor’s hand to hand attack damage is considered to have the following special abilities; Disruption and Ghost Touch.

The Chosen of Kelemvor has the following abilities:

Special Qualities: The Chosen Kelemvor retains all their special qualities.

Bonus spell like abilities (Sp):
At will- Detect Undead (distance x level / 3), Hide from undead
5/day – True Seeing, Speak with Dead
3/day – Undeath to death, Shield of Law
1/day – Prying eyes greater

1/tenday – Great Atonement: Once per tenday a Chosen of Kelemvor may intercede on the behalf of undead or for those that were not willingly turned into undead. Either during a successful turning or after destroying the undead and speaking to the dead a Chosen of Kelemvor may intercede on their behalf to allow them to right the wrongs they committed while undead. During this two hour process the undead (or recently killed undead) is slain and returned to the living, then geas / quested to the service of the church. Individual GMs can determine if there is a level loss equivalent to a raise dead or resurrection spell.

NOTE: While technically this might seem against the tenets of Kelemvor’s teachings, I would suggest that many intelligent beings who were unwillingly turned into undead and fighting the slide to evil could in fact turn themselves into the church’s custody if there was the possibility to regain their former lives eventually. It also gives common folk hope that those who were corrupted can be returned and demonstrates that the true path is Kelemvor’s and that the Lord of Death is just and fair to those that have had their lives unnaturally shortened. 

Campaign hooks: Consider also that many mid – high level adventures would relish the opportunity to be brought back in such a manner. It also allows the GM to showcase the chosen by asking the players to capture an undead being and bring it to the church.

Immunities (Ex): A Chosen of the Kelemvor is immune to Poison, Disease, Level Drain and Un-Holy Water. He or she is also immune to aging, does not age, and is effectively immortal. If undead, the Chosen is immune to turning.

Fast healing 1 or 3: The Chosen of Kelemvor is filled with positive life energy that allows her to quickly overcome wounds. She recovers at a rate of 1 hit point per round when wounded by living foes and 3 point per round from undead, evil clerics, blackguards, followers of Velsharoon, or followers of Cyric.

Immune to Mind Affecting Abilities

Skills: +4 Knowledge (Religion; Undead), +4 Survival, Spot and Survival as Class skills.

Feats: Track, Extra Turning
Abilities: +6 Wis, +6 Chr.
Alignment: Always Lawful

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