Chosen of Mielikki Template

+6 Dex
+4 Wis
+4 Cha

+4 Survival
+4 Hide

Feats: Two Weapon Fighting, Create Portal, Forester

Spells At Will: At Will – Calm Animals, Barkskin, Obscuring Mist

Spells 5/day: 5/day – Hold Animal, Speak with Animals, Woodshape

Spells 3/day: 3/day – Call Lightning, Quench, Liveoak, Summon Nature’s Alley VI(unicorn only)

Spells 1/day: 1/day – Shambler, Command Plants, Earthquake

Immunities: Aging effects, fire, Poison, Disease

Unicorn Companion: Chosen of Mielikki may have a unicorn as an animal companion with level equal to the chosens combined ranger and druid levels

Defender of the Forest – When in an area with any native plant life (so pretty much not indoors and not desert) the Chosen of Mielikki recieves the following benefits: Extra Attack at full BaB (not not cancel other effects that add extra attacks); Weapon Focus and Specialization with whatever weapon the chosen is wielding; +6 Bonus to Strength, Constitution, and Wisdom; +5 Deflection Bonus to Armour Class; Permanent Use of True Seeing and Wind Walker Spells; All attacks considered to be Bane of Undead, Evil Outsiders, and Malarites; and takes an automatic 20 on Silent Move and Hide Checks.

Special: Once per month the Chosen is required to enact a ritual to call forth a dryad or treant and then to serve the creature by performing small tasks for them for a day

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