Chosen of Selune

The Chosen of Selune 

The Chosen of Selune is a template that can be applied to any humanoid of good alignment whome The Moonmaiden favors. The Chosen has all racial and class abilities she possessed before becomming Chosen as well as the following: 

Spell like abilities :
Constant: Protection from Evil, Protection from Law, True Seeing
at will: Fairy Fire, Moonbeam, Moonblade
3/day: Moonweb, Moon Bridge, Moonfire,
1/day: Control Weather, Chaos hammer, Holy Smite, Summon Monster VIII (Liliend only) Summon Monster IX (Moon Dog only)

Ability increase: +4 dex, +4 Wis, +6 Cha

Immunities (Ex): The Chosen of Selune is immune to Disease, Poison, and cannot be magically aged. The Chosen still grows older as time passes, with all bonuses and penaltys, and still dies when her time is up. 

Veiled Moon’s Blessing (Su): The Chosen of Selune gains Darkvision 60ft and Low Light Vision if she did not already have them. 

Shadow’s Bane(Su): The Chosen automatically beats the spell resistance of any creature useing the Shadow Weave. 

Soothe the Beast (Su): The Chosen of Selune, simply by speaking in a non threatening manner forces all lycanthropes, in what any form within listening distance, to make a will save (12 + The Chosen’s Charecter Level + the Chosen’s charisma modifier) or be effected by a Calm Emotions spell. The target Lycanthropes must make a save each round the Chosen is speaking. If the target lycanthrope fails her save against this ability and she is in animal of half animal form, she automatically reverts to humaniod form. 

Selune’s Boon (Su): The Chosen adds her Charisma modifier as a Sacred bonus to AC, saves, and caster level checks to beat spell resistance. The Chosen also recieves a +5 resistance bonus when resisting spells cast using the shadow weave, all enchantment, illusion, and necromancy spells, as well as any spell with the Darkness, Shadow, Law, or Evil descriptors. 

Moonlight Blessing (Su): When in direct Moonlight, The Chosen of Selune gains spell resistence: 25 and Damage Reduction 10/magic.

Veiled Moon’s Vigilance (Su): The time of the new or veiled moon is a time of great danger to all of Selune’s faith; the servants of Shar are most active at these times when the Moonmaiden is “absent”. The Chosen knows that Selune is not absent, but veiled, this is the time of the hiding, much like the infant hides veiled in the womb, waiting to bring new life into the world. Durring the time of the Veiled moon, when Selune is not visible in the sky, Her Chosen gains these new special abilities in addition to all others: +10 sacred bonus to all hide, listen, spot, and move silently checks and may hide in plain sight, and cast Silence at will.

Selune’s Fullness (Su): Durring the time when Selune is full, the Chosen casts all healing and evocation spells as if they had been prepaired with the maximize spell, extend spell, and widen spell feats, which every may apply and all for free.

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