Chosen of Shar

Chosen of Shar are nihilists who seek to aid their patron in returning the world to perpetual darkness. They wait for the day when the deities will war again, Dendar will eat the sun, and the multiverse will end, plunging the multiverse in a state of twilight. It probably never occurred to any of the several that have existed over the centuries that their deity’s existence is paradoxical, and that she too will perish when the cosmos cease to be.

The Chosen of Shar is a template that can be applied to any character who worships Shar as his or her deity and is of Neutral Evil alignment. Shar is reticent to give away any part of herself, and so there are rarely more than one or two Chosen at any time. The Chosen has all racial and class abilities he (the gender usage for this post, to simplify) possessed before becoming Chosen as well as the following:

Bonus Spells (Sp): At will- darkness, bane, darkfire 5/day-cause fear, inflict moderate wounds, blindness/ deafness, vampiric touch, shadow walk 3/day-suggestion, enervation, shadow conjuration 1/day- energy drain, phantasmal killer, greater shadow evocation

Immunities (Ex): A Chosen of Shar is immune to energy drain of any kind, negative energy, and magical blindness. He or she is also immune to aging, does not age, and is effectively immortal.

Spell Resistance: Chosen of Shar have SR 15+character level against spells with the shadow and darkness descriptors. Even if the SR check succeeds, the Chosen only takes half damage from the spell.

Eyes of Night (Su): Chosen of Shar can see through any darkness, including magical darkness.

Black Fire (Su): Chosen can use Black Fire (identical to silver fire, but draws on Shadow Weave. Damage is half cold, half divine power. Deals 1 point of temporary wisdom drain if used more than 5 times per day for any purpose.)

Shadow Aura (Su): Weave spells cast within 15 ft. of the Chosen are at –1 caster level.

Shadow Army (Su): Once during her time as Chosen of Shar, the Chosen may fill a 300 square foot space with permanent darkness. All mortal creatures in the area must succeed at a Will Save (DC 25) or be slain and animate the next round as shadows under the Chosen’s control. There is no limit to the number of HD of shadows the Chosen may control with this ability. The darkness resists the dispel attempts of all mortals, and can only be removed by a deity using Alter Reality.

Bane of the Moon (Su): During the new moon, Chosen of Shar are expected to hit the Church of Selune hard. To aid them in their task, during this time they are granted the ability to use Teleport without error at will, as will as Finger of Death once per night at her own caster level.

Darkvision (Ex): The Chosen gains darkvision of 120 ft. or, if he already has darkvision, double his current darkvision distance, gaining whichever is further.

Blindsense (Ex): The Chosen has Blindsense 30 ft. at all times.

Shadow Jump (Su): A Chosen of Shar gains the ability to travel between shadows as if by means of a dimension door spell. The transport must begin and end in an area with at least some shadow. The total number of feet per day that the Chosen can jump is equal to 10 x his Constitution score. This amount can be split among many jumps, but each one, no matter how small, counts as at least a ten-foot increment.

Keys to the Kingdom (Sp): The Chosen of Shar may access the Plane of Shadow with a gate spell a number of times per day equal to the Chosen’s Charisma modifier. The save DC is Charisma-based and Caster Level equals ½ the Chosen’s HD.

Abilities: The Chosen gains a +8 enhancement to his Intelligence score and a +2 to Charisma.

LA +4

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