Chosen of the Red Knight

Chosen of the Red Knight

Creating a Chosen of the Red Knight
“Chosen of the Red Knight” is a +4 template that can be added to any humanoid creature. A Chosen of the Red Knight uses all the base character’s statistics and special abilities except as noted. A Chosen of the Red Knight only has its power at the will of the Red Knight; should the Handmaiden of Strategy decide to remove Chosen status from a character, he or she reverts to their old abilities.

The Red Knight’s Chosen are highly integrated; some would even say that they are the living embodiment of her lance board passion. 

As a newly raised Demi-Goddess the Red Knight is aggressively pursuing a larger worshiper base by placing her powers within a larger group of chosen to more quickly spread her worship through word and deed. By strategically supporting followers with her chosen she intends to get the word out that the best laid plan… wins.

The Chosen concentrate on four main areas: 
– Establishing areas within existing churches of Tempus that the devout may come for worship, war gaming, and battle planning.
– Increasing the Red Fellowship through mentorship of young clergy, active leadership in the community and Church of Tempus.
– Supporting worshipers in battle or preparations for battle.
– Undermine and destroy followers of Cyric and Gargos. Keeping an eye on Anhur or any other potential threat to Tempus or her portfolio.

The Red Knight maintains six types of Chosen with varied powers that reflect her Faerunian Lance Board. 

8 Scouts, their piece is a “non-discrete” smaller piece that is often overlooked… until it’s in a strategic position.
2 Engineers are symbolized as a castle or fortification.
2 Lancers symbolized by a horse, pegasus or griffon, hippogriff rearing. 
2 Advisors are often symbolized by a scholarly figurine wearing a wizardly caps or high cleric headpiece.
1 Handmaiden who is represented by a female figurine wearing a circlet or simple crown. Some boards have her in armor. 
1 Warlord a figure usually male wearing a crown and holding a sword.

Each of the chosen has a special lance board with each piece corresponding to another chosen. These pieces allow the chosen to contact the others by concentrating on thier piece. Each chosen was presented their board from the Red Knight herself. The chosen will go to great lengths to recover these boards.

All Chosen of the Red Knight share the following abilities:

Special Qualities: Chosen of the Red Knight retain all their special qualities.

Bonus Spells (Sp): 
At will- Protection from Chaos, Calm Emotion, Remove Fear.
5/day – Dispel Magic, Status, (Additional spell varies per Chosen)
3/day – Magic Vestment, Hero’s Feast, (Additional spell varies per chosen)
1/day – Freedom of Movement, Greater Prying Eyes, Foresight.

Immunities (Ex): A Chosen of the Red Knight is immune to Poison and Disease. Has 5 resistances to elemental attacks from cold, fire (heat) and electricity. He or she is also immune to aging, does not age, and is effectively immortal.

Damage reduction: 5 / +1
Immune to Mind Affecting Abilities
SA: Chosen may communicate freely with one another for a number of minutes equal to their charisma modifier per ten day while holding the corresponding piece from their board.
SA: Low light vision and Dark Vision 60’.
+1 Leadership bonus
Skills: Spot, diplomacy, bluff as class skills.
Feats: Leadership, Battle collage (education feat; only for tactical knowledge’s) 
Abilities: +2 Con, +2 Int, +2 Wis, +2 Chr. Statistic increases listed below that are greater then the ones listed here DO NOT stack.
Alignment: Always Lawful
Bonuses granted to AC, saves, to hit, etc by the various Chosen DO NOT stack, the highest bonus applies.

Scouts (8): Scouts actively seek out information that the Red Fellowship can use against their opponents. They also specialize in rear area operations to disrupt the enemy. When not employed as scouts or saboteurs during a battle, the Red Knight’s scouts roam Faerun looking for signs of activity from followers of Cyric or Gargos. Two scout’s are always dedicated to gathering against these two deities.

A scout is usually paired with one of the other Chosen to provide needed intelligence and reconnaissance to augment their mission. 

A scout may mentally share information and memories with the other chosen when both are touching and concentrating.

Skills: +4 Spot, +2 Disable Device, +2 Gather Information. Gather Information as a class skill. 1 bonus skill per level.
Feats: 1 Bonus feat per 5 levels
Abilities: +4 Dex
Gather intelligence: Identical to Bardic Knowledge, based on overall character level.
+3d6 Sneak Attack, stacks with other sneak attack dice. Same rules as a Rogues sneak attack.

Bonus Spells (Sp):
5/day – Detect Thoughts
3/day – Prying Eyes 
1/day – Etherealness

Engineers (2): Are the logisticians and the master engineers of the Red Knight. They assist the clerics of Tempus prepare for offensive and defensive siege operations. They also analysis and prepare logistic requirements in advance of a campaign or as needed. Surprisingly, several wizards have held this position.

Withstand the siege: Their active presence re-enforces defenders Morale, To Hit, Damage and Saves by +2. Supplies last 25% longer. 

Take the fortress: Increases siege weapon range and damage by 33%. Decrease set up and construction time of siege weapons and towers by 50%. Increase sapper rate of dig by 20%. 

Skills: +4 Knowledge (Engineering and Architecture), +4 Knowledge Siege Warfare, +4 Knowledge (Logistics). 1 Bonus knowledge skill per level.
Weapons: All siege weapons and towers.
Feats: 1 Bonus feat per 4 levels
Abilities: +4 Con, +4 Int

Bonus Spells (Sp):
5/day – Soften stone and stone
3/day – Move earth
1/day – Elemental Swarm

Lancers (2): Are the commanders of two elite mounted mercenary companies within the Red Fellowship. These raiders harass the enemy as it moves, bivouacs or during battle. Experts at disrupting supply lines and attacking enemy rear areas they help ensure victory by disrupting the enemy’s ability to maintain logistics flow, effective communications or provide re-enforcements to the front lines. They are occasionally mounted on winged mounts.

Inspired strategy: With time to deliberately plan a mission, brief subordinates, simulate the battle plan with soldiers an entire force may receive the following benefits: +2 Morale, +2 To Hit, +1 Damage, +5 Movement Rate and +1 to saves.

Reap the whirlwind: If the Lancer uses either call lightning or whirlwind during an offensive action (formation charge or attack), the enemy suffers a –2 to Morale, saves and a –1 to hit and damage.

Ride like the wind: All riders under the control of a Lancer have their mount’s movement increased by +10. This does not stack with the movement bonus from inspired strategy, as it effects the mounts. The Lancer does not have to be present for this to function the rider simply needs to be sworn to him, the company or a member of the Red Fellowship working with him or her.

Skills: +4 Ride, +4 Handle Animal, +2 Intimidate. Free ride skill per level.
Feats: 1 Bonus feat per 4 levels (DM’s should assign a set list of feats to choose from)
Abilities: +4 Dex

Bonus Spells (Sp):
5/day – Protection from arrows
3/day – Call Lightning Storm; increase length of the storm’s duration by the chosen’s level, increase lightning bolts by caster’s level.
1/day – Whirlwind; increase all dimensions by one foot per level, increase duration by caster’s level; increase range by 50%.

Damage reduction: 10 / +1
Immunity to electricity.

Advisers (2): Seeing is believing is the advisor’s motto. They assist the High Priests of Tempus, the other chosen usually the Handmaiden or Warlord, friendly ruler; their battle staff or commanders plan overall battle strategy and movements. They also monitor the battle and suggest changes to current strategies as the battle unfolds. The review tomes and works of strategy before they’re added to the battle collages curriculum 

Move the force: By analyzing the terrain, weather and the forces at hand. An adviser can increase friendly movement rate by 20%.

Monitor the battle: When concentrating, an adviser may project a real time simulation of an ongoing battle on a prepared map table or section of ground. The prepared area must represent the battle site with some realism; terrain depiction, battle positions, etc before this ability can be used.
Preparation takes one hour for visual effects, two hours for sounds and refined details and five hours to be able to identify specific people within the fray and their status. Each hour of preparation increases the battle area that can be monitored by one mile. Preparation time spent for details and area DO NOT stack. Temples in large cities will often have extensively prepared representations of the city and surrounding lands. If concentration is broken it takes one minute to establish an overview, then an additional minute for specific details. Advisers usually have their staff prepare a basic terrain model/map at the beginning of each bivouac, at a minimum one hour will be spent on detail and another two hours for range. If the camp will be maintained for more then one day the map board preparation will continue to improve.

Battle orders: An Adviser may communicate with all subordinate commanders a number of times equal to their wisdom bonus per day. Each communication can last one minute per point of wisdom. All members must concentrate to maintain the link; members may attempt to regain the link by concentrating. Within the link communications are open for anyone to speak, the longer one speaker talks though, the better impression of their surrounding situation the others get. 

Skills: +4 Diplomacy, +4 Listen, +4 Knowledge (Warfare) Diplomacy and Knowledge (warfare) free each level.
Feats: 1 Bonus feat per 4 levels (DM’s should assign a set list of feats to choose from)
Abilities: +4 Wis, +4 Chr

Bonus Spells (Sp):
5/day – Detect thoughts, True seeing
3/day – Teleport without error
1/day – Dictum

Handmaiden (1): Knowing that her divine duties would increase suffering if not tempered by compassion the Red Knight chooses her Handmaiden to temper suffering during war, heal those left in it’s wake and directly oppose the mindless bloodshed of Gargos. She oversees the creation of new shrines, hospitals and the coordination of forces. She coordinates the efforts of the other chosen and lends aid to the others as needed. 

Re-position the board: The Handmaiden may move herself or others to another chosen to aid them or bring them to her as a standard action. A chosen may be returned to their previous location. She may move as many people or animals as her charisma bonus. She may do this a number of times per day equal to her Wisdom bonus. 

Fight again another day: Her active presence in a hospital or where patients are being treated increases daily recovery of hit points and healing spells by +3.

Juggernaut: When actively leading a force the Handmaiden inspires heroics within allied troops. Allied troops receive bonuses to hit, damage, saves and AC based on their range from the Handmaiden. 
Within 30’: Followers receive a +4 bonus.
Within 60’: Followers receive a +3 bonus.
Within 120’: Followers receive a +2 bonus.
Within 240’: Followers receive a +1 bonus
They suffer no morale penalties. 

Skills: Free Heal and Diplomacy each level. +2 to heal and diplomacy.
Feats: 1 Bonus feat per 3 levels
Abilities: +4 Dex, +4 Wis, +4 Chr

Bonus Spells (Sp):
At will: – Cure light wounds: Only once per person per day. Range is 10’. Deathwatch.
5/day – Divine Favor, Regeneration
3/day – Heal, Dictum
1/day – Resurrection

Damage reduction: 10/+1
Leadership bonus: +3
Monk abilities as a monk of equal level.

Warlord (1): The Warlord at heart is the purest form of tactical deception. Knowing that her enemies would focus their efforts on capturing or eliminating the perceived strongest of her chosen she decided to distract them while the others maneuver to strike.

Occasionally and for short periods of time the Red Knight will infuse a mortal agent with great powers to aid a particularly devout follower or distract her rivals from a given operation being conducted elsewhere. This infusion usually lasts for a number of days equal to the agent’s charisma bonus. For campaign planning purposes, consider this agent to only be active for 2-4 ten days per year… usually spread out equally over the year to keep people guessing.

The other Chosen are immediately aware when an agent is imbued with the Warlord’s power. Because of the temporary nature of the Warlord, he or she cannot summon or compel the other chosen other then the Lancers, as listed below. 

Marshal the troops: The warlord may summon one or both of the Lancers and their entire unit to his location to fight. This ability can be used equal to the warlord’s charisma score / two per ten-day. The effect is similar to riding through a portal and takes a standard time for all riders to journey through the portal.

Unstoppable: Friendly troops within sight of the warlord suffer no adverse morale reactions or presences attacks and receive +3 to hit, damage, saves and AC. 

Frightful presence: Enemies within 20’ per level suffer the effects if they have fewer levels then the warlord. Effects and limitation similar to a dragon’s frightful presence (MM pg 69). 

Limited shape shift: The warlord uses this ability to keep rumors alive and keep those that watch the Red Fellowship guessing (and not acting). While infused the warlord will feel a compulsion to occasional make body shifts that are noticeable. A warlord may shift size by one category either way, usually used to increase his or her size and the number of troops that can see them and gain the benefit of being Unstoppable (as listed above). 

Skills: Free Intimidate and Diplomacy each level. +2 to intimidate and diplomacy.

Feats: 1 Bonus feat: This feat may be changed once per ten rounds. The Warlord also is imbued with the following feats: Improved critical, Improved Evasion, Improved Initiative, Whirlwind Attack, and Great Cleave.

Weapons: A Warlord’s weapons are considered lawful and wounding while he weilds them.

Abilities: +6 Str, +4 Con
Regeneration 5

Bonus Spells (Sp):
5/day – Dispel Magic
3/day – Heal (self only), Dictum
1/day – Summon Monster IX, Typically fallen warriors from Warriors Rest
Damage reduction: 10/+2

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  1. Kana says:

    I’m not sure the Chosen of a Demi-Power should have this much Power. I think it should be weaker, but potentially more versatility, or maybe the Chosen chooses from a pool of abilities in the morning to ‘Prepare for the battle ahead’ or something?

  2. Quiche says:

    Are these “Chosen of X” templates still applicable?

    • Kaote says:

      With some good strong story elements DMs do have the option to use them in a limited capacity. But myself and other Dms need to remain appraised of their use because they are limited and limiting.

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