Chosen of Tiamat

This is our Chosen of Tiamat Template.

A chosen template is a temporary boost in power given to a creature by a deity which either particularly favors the creature, or has an important mission the creature must carry out. Some deity may have multiple chosen, while some deity may have none. While it is benefitial for a diety to have an agent of special power working for them in the mortal world it comes with a severe risk. The deity, in order to grant this power, is giving up a portion of their own power to bestow the gift. For this reason a deity may choose to revoke the special status if the power is needed elsewhere, the individual granted the power is no longer needed, or the deity itself is at risk and needs to withdraw the power. For those more fickle deities they may simply revoke the power to entertain themselves with your sudden downfall. Looking at you, Lolth.

So, what benefits does a Chosen of Tiamat gain?

A chosen of Tiamat gains two Dragon type feats.

Tiamat’s blessing(EX): If the Chosen is a Dragon or has the Dragon type naturally, the chosen of Tiamat is filled with energy and strength beyond one of her age. In all things, the chosen is considered two age categories greater than she actually is.

Tiamat’s Blood: (EX) The chosen of Tiamat can call upon her goddess and energize her dragon blood. Filled with energy and strength beyond one of her kind; she transforms into a true dragon for a number of turns equal to her charisma modifier per month. The dragon age (CR) is equal to the total levels of the character (not counting this template modifier). All feats, spells or class related skills are lost during the transformation. Equipment and items carried meld with the form and cannot be used.

Chromatic Blood(EX): When hit with a slashing or piercing weapon the spray of energized blood acts as a 1d6 splash of (Acid, Fire, Lightning or cold) in the 5 foot space adjacent to the chosen from the direction the attack originated. Reflex save (DC 15) for half damage.

Many Scales(SU): If the Chosen is a Dragon or has the Dragon type, the Chosen of Tiamat may change into any other chromatic dragon type. During this weeklong change, the chosen sinks into a catatonic state and is encased in a great egg-like cocoon.

Alternate form(SU): Tiamat’s chosen may take the shape of any medium size or smaller animal or humanoid as a standard action three times per day.

Improved breath weapon: Increase range by 25% and damage to d12s.

Spells: Divine spells equal to their sorcerer level, gaining bonus spells for high wisdom.

Speed: +20 speed increase to flight and any other applicable modes of travel. Flight maneuverability increases by two steps. If the base creature lacks flight, it instead gains a flight speed equal to it’s original movement speed.

Bite and claw attacks increase one damage size factor OR are considered Anarchic and Unholy.

Immune to Aging penalties, effectively immortal

Immune to mind-affecting abilities

Senses: (EX): Increase the range of all senses by 50%

CR/LA +4

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4 Responses to “Chosen of Tiamat”

  1. Marin says:

    All the dragonborn are looking over here with their LA+0 template all like “Man, I can’t even fly and breathe fire at the same time! You can’t have shit with Bahamut!”

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