Chosen of Umberlee

Chosen of Umberlee
Although a fickle and malicious goddess, Umberlee sometimes sees the need to have someone protect her interests in the material plane, be it leading her followers against those who would disrespect her command of the sea, or sending her Chosen against the minions of her foes. The Chosen of Umberlee understand better then any the contrary nature of their goddess, and know they have their powers only on her whims. As such, the Chosen are utterly devoted to their ***** Queen, following only her and brooking no disobedience from anyone, followers or not.
The true number of Umberlee’s Chosen is unknown, although it is suspected to be less then a handful. One of Umberlee’s most powerful servants is a kraken wizard and leader of the Kraken Society, Slarkrethel.

Chosen of Umberlee Template

Immunities:The Chosen of Umberlee are immune to all poisons, magical or otherwise, diseases, and mind-altering effects. As well, the Chosen doesn’t suffer penalties from aging, although they still die when their time comes.

Swim Speed: The Chosen gains a swim speed of double their base speed. They also gain webbed toes and feet. If the Chosen already has a swim speed, add 30ft to their previous swim speed.

Underwater Breathing: The Chosen of Umberlee gains the ability to breathe underwater for an indefinite period of time, if they couldn’t before. At this point the Chosen forms gills. 

Umberlee’s Armour: Due to the constant pressure of living underwater for the majority of the time, the Chosen’s skin becomes tougher and they become physically hardier. This results in a +4 natural armour bonus, as well as DR 5/-.

Spell-like Abilities: 5/day-Control Weather, Control Winds, Dominate Animal (aquatic creature only), Resist Elements.

Umberlee’s Eyes: The dark depths of Toril’s seas are hard to penetrate with normal vision, so Umberlee has blessed her Chosen with low-light vision and Darkvision 90ft. If the Chosen previously had Darkvision, add an additional 30ft to the total.

***** Queen’s Blessing: As long as the Chosen and his/her opponent are touching water, the Chosen gains a +2 to attack and damage, as well as a +2 to the DC of any spell cast against the opponent.

Summon Water Elemental: Once per tenday, the Chosen can cast Elemental Swarm to summon only water elementals. 

Abilities: Con+4. The pressure of spending time primarily underwater makes the Chosen exceedingly tough.

Alignment: Any Evil

PS The words with the asterix starts with “B” and ryhmes with “itch”

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