Copperstar Burns Bright

It was an eventful day in Copperstar. At half-past noon, a volley of arrows containing an alchemist’s fire payload hit the temple of Malar in the city, setting it ablaze. According to the rumor mill, an elven ranger and two fighters riding a trio of magically enhanced rhinoceri that inexplicably managed to sneak into the city unnoticed up until that point were the perpetrators. The ranger and her allies fired several volleys into the building and then began firing into the doorway when those that were inside attempted to evacuate. This rapidly created a large fire in the doorway, trapping those still inside. First responders from the guard attempted to apprehend the ranger and her allies on the spot, however, they were promptly trampled by the group of rhinos. These rhinos rapidly fled the city before a more organized response could be made.

Speculation abounds that these rhinoceri were actually druids based on their uncanny behavior, which would explain why nobody noticed any of them enter the city. Earlier that morning, another druid turned hostile and robbed the On Broken Wings Tavern. Some of the tavern’s patrons described this druid as a “Drunken Asshole” when questioned. After a wildcat chase through the city streets by the guard, the injured druid turned into a bird to flee to the skies high enough that bows couldn’t easily reach them. They were later observed chasing after the ranger and her rhinos as they fled. It’s not clear if this was a distraction, or in any way beneficial to the attack on the temple, as it occurred several hours prior.

Unfortunately, the reckless actions of the ranger created a fire that was almost impossible to put out by mundane methods. It spread to nearby buildings, wiping out at least 75 innocent lives and destroying a good 7 blocks worth of buildings before coordinated efforts from local mages and the guard were able to control the blaze.

Efforts to rebuild have already started, albeit with a somber and bitter tone. The attack itself took only a matter of minutes, with the fleeing of the city occupying the majority of the attacker’s time. Not a soul expected the ragtag group of travelers to cause such a grand disaster when they entered the city, but perhaps next time they’ll watch outsiders a bit more closely.

[Copperstar] Purportedly, a group of slavers has been snatching up citizens that were displaced by the devastating fires during the attack on Copperstar. The local authorities have been keeping quiet on the issue for unstated reasons.

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