Lethal Mischief in Brasstar (The Attack on Gruntest)

“…You want to attack that place head on?”

“What–? No! What am I, insane?

A conversation that must have taken place sometime before the battle at Gruntest. Gruntest is a big city. One can’t really understate just how impossible it would be to simply roll over such a large city full of orcs ready to defend it and expect to get anywhere. At best, progress would take months just because of the sheer number of enemies an attacking army would have to displace before they could safely advance. Worse yet, Gruntest is a center of worship for deities more powerful than Lurue and Malar combined. Deities who would be most inclined to assist Malar when push came to shove.

That’s why Lurue’s followers did no such thing. They did enter the city, but not where any orcs could potentially observe them. Legend has it that they actually conscripted the use of Dire Badgers to tunnel underneath the city. They utilized divination magic to track Malar’s temple, and then they planted a ton of explosives below it. Before the actual battle even started, a series of planted Holly Bombs were remotely set off and an explosion rocked the city, upturning the earth beneath Malar’s Temple and causing massive damage to the site and nearby buildings. About fifty orcs were killed, mostly those who happened to be at the temple at the time of the attack, and about two hundred more were injured by the blast wave.

The temple was almost completely destroyed, with the ground it once stood on being rendered unsuitable for building due to the crater full of unstable earth and debris. While all of this was going on, the few orcs that were able to detect the oncoming disaster tried to rally a defense. However, Lurue’s followers were able to hold them off long enough to complete their objectives.  Casualties were relatively light on both sides as a result of Lurue’s tactics. However, it’s undoubtful that the orcs of Gruntest are already planning their revenge. A large force of orcs has been dispatched to track down the intruders utilizing warbeasts. The city of Gruntest has been wounded, but most of the city barely even feels the wound. Lurue achieved a victory here today, but not a decisive one.

New Rumor!

[Brasstar] A large force of enraged orc soldiers is on the move, attacking any strangers who don’t surrender on sight. They’re accompanied by warbeasts, and seem to be tracking down Lurue’s followers after the attack on Gruntest.

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