The Attack On Everheart City

One cannot count on Mother Nature to dote on them and make sure they’re taken care of like any other kind of mother. The druids of Everheart City are more aware of that fact than most. The Tree Top City of Everheart is well defended against attackers. The massive trees the city is built upon would take days to cut down a single one with a mere axe, and anyone trying to scale them would be forced to move in the open downwind of any defenders willing to take shots at them from the cover afforded to them up top.

Still, not all of the city is up in the trees and not all beasts are limited to the ground. When a legion came rushing from the underbrush to assault the city, massive birds of prey swooped down to terrorize the defenders from above. In the end, Everheart City was able to repel the attackers. However, the battle was bloody. Citizens bore witness to carnage unheard of in civilized warfare. Civilians and defenders alike were torn apart and devoured alive before their comrade’s eyes. Only children and pregnant women were spared Malar’s wrath. Legend has it that it began to rain blood amidst the carnage and that the rain did not subsist for an entire twenty-four hours.

The Temple dedicated to Lurue seems to have been a focal point of the battle, as unlike other areas of the cities beasts stopped to try and destroy the building itself. The building suffered moderate damage but remained structurally sound. Given time to replace or repair furniture and goods, it should once again find its former glory. Still, several clerics of Lurue and at least one unicorn were slain in the attack.

Malar’s forces were decimated as a result of their recklessly aggressive tactics, suffering large losses as a result of their unwillingness to retreat. The city, while still a very clear victor in this battle, is traumatized by Malar’s efforts. It’s unlikely that life will ever be the same for people who lost loved ones in such a brutal attack. Damage to the city itself was relatively mild, as Malar’s forces were somewhat hyperfocused on killing as many of their ‘prey’ as they could. Yet, quite a few houses now stand vacant, with no occupants left to claim them. A miasma of darkness fills the air around some of them, leading to a couple of neighborhoods being abandoned as residents proclaim them to be haunted.

New Rumor:

[Everheart City] Whispers of the dead rising on their own after the attack on Everheart City by Malar’s forces have lead to a neighborhood being abandoned. The presences haunting the area are described as being unseen but not always unheard and causing others to fall ill in their wake. The city is too pre-occupied tending to its wounds to launch a proper investigation on its own.

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